We are pleased to invite you to the international Conference of Young Ecologists and Evolutionary Biologists 2021, organised by the Students Naturalists Association of the Jagiellonian University! This year, the conference will take place on 3-5 September 2021. The meeting will be held online on the MS Teams platform and will be completely free! In brief:

• Topics of the conference include broadly understood ecology and evolution.

• Participate in the conference can any young scientist, including science enthusiasts and BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. students.

• In order to sing up please read instructions, write an abstract and send us the completed registration form.

This is the 10th edition of the conference and the first one which will focus both on evolution and ecology. Last year, the pandemic interrupted the preparations, and we had to adjourn the event. So now we are all the happier to invite you to the next edition of the conference. The symposium's subject concerns ecology and evolutionary biology from the level of molecules to ecosystems. Topics bordering on these two fields and philosophy, social sciences or nature and environmental protection are welcomed too. Participants can give a speech about their own research or present a review on an interesting topic. The conference is addressed to young scientists - so first of all, we would like to invite undergraduate and postgraduate studnets. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Organizing Committee
Małgorzata Śliż
Chairperson of the Organizing Committee