Abstract submission is closed. Registration for passive participants until August 30

Info for people who have already sent abstracts and need to upgrade them - the deadline for sending a corrected version is August 16. The deadline for the registration of passive participants is August 30

Guidelines for participants

You can participate if you are a young researcher – a bachelor or master programs student, a PhD candidate or a science enthusiast. There are no fees for both active and passive participants.
You can also download the guidelines for participants here: Instruction for participants

Passive participation

We warmly invite everyone who is interested in the subject of the CYEEB but cannot prepare a presentation. Passive participants will be able to listen to all lectures and presentations, and take part in discussions but they will not receive a confirmation of participation. Registration for passive participation is still required: Participants will then receive an e-mail giving them access to the CYEEB team on the MS Teams platform.

Active participation

Active participants can give an oral presentation or present a poster on one of the CYEEB’s themes. Presentations and posters may be either theoretical or experimental. The first step is to register: https://forms.gle/tGNqarVnjotJxJjs5 It is required to add the abstract of your presentation to the application form during registration. Abstracts cannot exceed 1700 characters. Each abstract will be carefully reviewed by the Scientific Committee. The most important evaluation criteria are content and substantive value. Your text should also be cohesive, coherent and have no grammar mistakes. Additionally, in case of abstracts summarizing the experiments, proper presentation of the methodology, statistical analysis, results and conclusions will be taken into account. If your abstract meets all criteria, we will notify you that it has been accepted. However, if the Scientific Committee finds small mistakes, we will send you your abstract back to make corrections. Your abstract will be accepted only after your corrections. If your abstract does not fulfil evaluation criteria, it will be rejected with a possibility to rewrite it. All abstracts will be collected into a book at the end of the conference. Both oral and poster presentations will be presented during thematic sessions. We will assign each presentation to a thematic session after the registration is completed. Naturally, we will inform you when it will be your time to present. Oral and poster presentations will be assessed by the Scientific Committee and the best ones will be rewarded. Each active participant will receive a certificate of participation.

Oral presentation

Your speech should last no longer than 15 minutes. Poster presentation Your presentation should last 5-8 minutes.


Please send your poster in the .pdf file to our e-mail address: cyeeb2021@gmail.com before the conference. We will put all posters on the MS Teams platform for an online poster session. There are two possible ways to present – using your .pdf file to discuss every part of poster or creating a slideshow. There is no limit on the number of slides – the only limitation is time.


There is possibility to record your presentation before conference and send it to us – it is not required, but in case of any problems with the Internet connection we will just turn on your recording. The duration of your video should be the same as a live oral presentation or a poster presentation, so, respectively, 15 or 5-8 minutes.

Possibility to publish an article

CYEEB 2021 organizer – the Student Naturalists Association of the Jagiellonian University – has been publishing the popular science journal Wychuchol since 2006. Articles in our magazine are reviewed by scientists. This year, we decided to publish a special issue in English centred around the conference. Therefore, we encourage you to share your work in the form of a popular science article 2–8 pages long. If you are interested in publishing in Wychuchol, please, let us know about it during the registration. In the application form select the appropriate option and we will contact you then.
Here is the link to Wychuchol website (only in Polish): https://wychucholczasopismo.wordpress.com/
and the link to the instruction for authors: https://wychucholczasopismo.wordpress.com/chce-napisac-artykul/